Politics and Government in Kenya

Identified by polarization and intrigue, politics in Kenya are spoiled by bitterness, alliances, horse-trading, propaganda, greed, corruption and underhandedness, making the political landscape in Kenya the best danger for local and foreign financial investment. Nonetheless, the current promulgation of a brand-new constitution brings hope not just for the Kenyan population but also for existing and possible financiers in numerous sectors of the economy.


History of Kenyan politics


Much of the politics and the federal government is affected by the tribal comprise of the Kenyan group.


A strong political environment was developed with the colonization of Kenya by the British from 1895-1963.


Kenya ended up being an independent Republic in 1964. The very first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, under the Kenya African National Union (KANU party), ruled Kenya as a single-party state till his death in 1978.


Kenyatta has been successful by his Vice President, Daniel Moi, who ruled Kenya for 24 years till 2002.


The guideline under Moi, widely referred to as the Moi routine, saw Kenya witness the worst political chaos and political stagnancy as the 2nd president attempted to preserve the status quo by utilizing political repression and dictatorship. His period was flawed with political killings, ethnic clashes, infractions of human rights and corruption.


In 1991, Moi succumbed to internal and external needs to restore a multi-party system.


In the 2002 elections, Mwai Kibaki won the elections extremely on the NARC party ticket.


In 2007, Kibaki was sworn in as President in the middle of the worst political instability Kenya has ever experienced, leading to the 2007-2008 post-election violence.


The Kibaki presidency was seen by many as the light at the end of the tunnel. Real to this, his presidency went to lengths to support the political environment, grow the economy, make sure reasonable circulation of resources and draw in and support financiers by offering financial investment rewards.


Unlike his predecessor who planned to the West for help, Kibaki leaned more to the East. Federal government political system.


There are 3 arms of the federal government that operate individually but enhance each other:


The Executive.

The Legislature.

The Judiciary.


Present Federal Government


A union federal government formed as an outcome of the political stalemate, led by a president and a prime minister, currently guidelines Kenya. Now Kenya waits to enact their 3rd president in 2013.


Human Rights Concerns


Aside from being a democratic nation, Kenya has 2 crucial guard dogs of society: a dynamic media existence and a remarkably active civil society, both acting to guarantee that fundamental human rights are secured.


Human rights infractions were most widespread throughout the Moi program (although the other federal governments have experienced some).


Today scenario paints an appealing future with a couple of human rights infractions being reported and brand-new laws being used efficiently.


The brand-new constitution has assisted create reforms in social and legal organizations and promotes personal liberties.


Political Stability


Politics in Kenya have been unsteadying for the most part, and the 3 federal governments have not been left untouched. The political chaos throughout the 2007 elections was so extreme that today political environment is still agonizing over its impacts. There is a factor for optimism, nevertheless:


A brand-new constitution is establishing fertile premises for political stability, which readies news for financiers who look for to take advantage of large possible Kenya has as an establishing economy.


From 2002-2013, the political environment has agreed with for financiers in numerous sectors such as education, energy, as well as the real-estate sector. A testimony to this reality is the groundbreaking for such mega-investment tasks such as Konza City, Tetu City, and the Lamu Port Project, to name a few.


With continued reliable and steady governance, the political danger can be handled making Kenya a gem waiting to be fine-tuned!  

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