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You, as our visitor, are offered with a peaceful setting permitting you to unwind and leave from your hectic daily life. Together with this unique setting, WildX prides itself on using our visitor's personal services, guaranteeing that you recover taken care of and are offered the very best safari experience.


WildX provides a picturesque environment for whatever your desires might be. Whether it is participating in safari drives, seeing the sights or enjoying the wildlife at the small personal waterhole from the lodge deck.


WildX Safaris have a terrific enthusiasm for hospitality and wildlife and for several years it has been a dream of ours to branch off on our own and to start our own job.


We checked out all our options and believed long and hard about the kind of job we wish to assemble. We understood that the intensity of the poaching epidemic kids of the future may not get to experience the wildlife opportunities we get to provide.


We understood then that our job was to inform minds, from all strolls of life on the poaching epidemic in the hope that the word may be spread out on what Africa as a continent stands to lose.


From this our values, 'Education for Conservation,' was born. It appeared like the best idea for what we wished to attain. It is not only our future kids who will lose in the gorgeous environment Africa is so fortunate to boast, but every generation to come.


If you are a visitor desiring a small intimate lodge with an unwinded environment, located on a huge 5 game reserve then WildX is best for you.

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